国外主机商RackNerd发布公告:位于Los Angeles DC-02的VPS需要更换IP

国外主机商RackNerd发布公告:位于Los Angeles DC-02的VPS需要更换IP



We are reaching out to update you on an important IPv4-related change happening at our Los Angeles DC-02 location, which based on our records, one or more of your VPS services are currently hosted. If you have multiple services with us, please be aware that this only impacts KVM VPS services hosted out of our Los Angeles DC-02 location. All other datacenter locations of ours remain unaffected. To clarify, this change will only affect your IPv4 address; your data will remain intact, and entirely unaffected. IPv6 addresses also will not be changed. Our upstream provider in Los Angeles DC-02 (Multacom) has initiated an IPv4 network renumbering project -- a change that is set to impact all downstream clients, including RackNerd. The renumbering process is pivotal for aligning with the long-term vision and expansion plans of the Multacom datacenter, which is now part of the EdgeCentres family. Please note, that you will not experience any price changes, and additionally, we understand that our Los Angeles DC-02 location continues to experience remarkable popularity, notably among users in the US west coast, Oceania, and Asia. The top-tier network performance at our Los Angeles DC-02 location will continue as you have come to expect. To give you a clearer picture, we operate over 500 hypervisors (also known as host nodes) at this specific location. To ensure a smooth transition, we'll roll out this update in a structured and phased manner. Here's a breakdown of the scheduled IP migrations: The IP renumbering will be conducted in the following batches: Node names beginning with LAXSSD1* to LAXSSD3* -- Oct 1 to Oct 15, 2023 Node names beginning with LAXSSD4* to LAXSSD6* -- Oct 15 to Oct 31, 2023 Node names beginning with LAXSSD7* to LAXSSD9* — Nov 1 to Nov 15, 2023 Node names beginning with LAX0* — Nov 1 to Nov 15, 2023 How do you know what node your VPS is on? Log into the SolusVM control panel located at https://nerdvm.racknerd.com/ and click on "Manage" on the VPS in question. Once you do, you'll see a table column for "Node". Here’s a video tutorial on how to do so. The renumbering process will be automated but closely monitored by our Engineering team. You can expect to receive an email with the subject line "[RackNerd] New IP Address Assigned" once the process is completed for your VPS. This email will include your newly assigned IP address details. Alternatively, you can sporadically check SolusVM during the respective timeframe; if you notice an IP change, you'll find the new information there. Given the sheer volume of the VMs involved, this is a sizable operation and will be systematically carried out over multiple weeks. After the new IP is assigned, we will automatically utilize the "Reconfigure Network" feature by SolusVM to automatically update your server's operating system network configuration over to the new IP address. All said and done, there should be less than a few minutes of downtime per VM. Just to be clear, this is only an IP address change - and your data/settings/etc will remain fully intact. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, and we are quite confident that the long-term benefits will make it worthwhile. Once the Multacom datacenter is fully integrated with the EdgeCentres network, we're excited to tap into their extensive capabilities and various points of presence. For context, you may have seen that our LA DC-02 location has frequently been out of stock over the past year. This has been largely due to constraints at the Multacom datacenter, especially when it comes to available space and limited facility power, which have been limiting our ability to grow. Now that Multacom is becoming a part of EdgeCentres, we're optimistic these roadblocks will be cleared. This paves the way not just for our growth at LA DC-02, but also for expanding into new datacenter locations with EdgeCentres, which in turn means more locations for our customers to deploy services out of. Your continued trust in RackNerd is highly appreciated, and our team stands ready to assist you with any questions you may have through this transition. If you have any special requests or require unique accommodations related to this change, please respond to this email within 7 days (the sooner, the better). We will do our utmost to understand your requirements and strive to accommodate them to the best of our ability. Thank you for your understanding, cooperation, and continued partnership with us. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please e-mail our Engineering team directly at: engineering@racknerd.com文章源自玮哥主机测评网-https://www.weigeceping.com/901.html



我们联系你,以更新你位于我们洛杉矶 DC-02 数据中心的一个或多个 VPS 服务的一个重要 IPv4 相关变更。如果你在我们这里有多个服务,请注意,这只影响托管在我们洛杉矶 DC-02 数据中心的 KVM VPS 服务。我们的其他数据中心位置不受影响。澄清一下,这个变更只会影响你的 IPv4 地址;你的数据将保持完整,不受任何影响。IPv6 地址也不会更改。文章源自玮哥主机测评网-https://www.weigeceping.com/901.html

我们在洛杉矶 DC-02 的上游供应商(Multacom)已启动了一个 IPv4 网络重新编号项目,这个变更将影响所有下游客户,包括 RackNerd。重新编号的过程对于与 Multacom 数据中心的长期愿景和扩张计划对齐至关重要,该数据中心现在已经成为 EdgeCentres 家族的一部分。文章源自玮哥主机测评网-https://www.weigeceping.com/901.html

请注意,你不会经历任何价格变动,而且此外,我们了解到我们的洛杉矶 DC-02 位置继续在美国西海岸、大洋洲和亚洲的用户中享有卓越的声誉。在我们的洛杉矶 DC-02 位置,一流的网络性能将继续如您所期望的那样提供。文章源自玮哥主机测评网-https://www.weigeceping.com/901.html

为了让你有一个更清晰的了解,我们在这个特定位置运营了超过 500 个虚拟化宿主机(也称为主机节点)。为了确保顺利过渡,我们将以有组织和分阶段的方式推出此更新。以下是计划的 IP 迁移分批:文章源自玮哥主机测评网-https://www.weigeceping.com/901.html

IP 重新编号将按以下批次进行:文章源自玮哥主机测评网-https://www.weigeceping.com/901.html

- 以 LAXSSD1* 到 LAXSSD3* 开头的节点名称 -- 2023 年 10 月 1 日至 10 月 15 日
- 以 LAXSSD4* 到 LAXSSD6* 开头的节点名称 -- 2023 年 10 月 15 日至 10 月 31 日
- 以 LAXSSD7* 到 LAXSSD9* 开头的节点名称 — 2023 年 11 月 1 日至 11 月 15 日
- 以 LAX0* 开头的节点名称 — 2023 年 11 月 1 日至 11 月 15 日文章源自玮哥主机测评网-https://www.weigeceping.com/901.html

你如何知道你的 VPS 在哪个节点?登录到位于 https://nerdvm.racknerd.com/ 的 SolusVM 控制面板,并单击所涉及的 VPS 上的“管理”。一旦这样做,你将看到一个名为“节点”的表列。这是如何做的视频教程。文章源自玮哥主机测评网-https://www.weigeceping.com/901.html

重新编号过程将是自动化的,但会受到我们工程团队的密切监控。一旦你的 VPS 完成了此过程,你可以期望收到一个主题为 "[RackNerd] 新分配的 IP 地址" 的电子邮件。此电子邮件将包含你的新分配的 IP 地址详细信息。或者,在相应的时间段内,你可以间断性地检查 SolusVM;如果你注意到 IP 更改,你将在那里找到新信息。考虑到涉及到的虚拟机数量庞大,这是一个庞大的操作,将在多周内有系统地进行。在分配新 IP 后,我们将自动使用 SolusVM 的 "重新配置网络" 功能,自动将服务器的操作系统网络配置更新到新的 IP 地址。总的来说,每个虚拟机的停机时间应该少于几分钟。文章源自玮哥主机测评网-https://www.weigeceping.com/901.html

只是为了澄清,这只是 IP 地址的变更,你的数据/设置等都将保持完好。文章源自玮哥主机测评网-https://www.weigeceping.com/901.html

我们为任何不便表示诚挚的歉意,我们相当有信心,长期的好处将使其值得。一旦 Multacom 数据中心与 EdgeCentres 网络完全集成,我们将兴奋地利用他们广泛的能力和各种点的存在。为了更好地理解,你可能已经看到我们的洛杉矶 DC-02 位置在过去一年中频繁缺货。这在很大程度上是由于 Multacom 数据中心的限制,特别是在可用空间和有限的设施电力方面,这些限制了我们的增长能力。现在 Multacom 正在成为 EdgeCentres 的一部分,我们对这些障碍被清除感到乐观。这不仅为我们在 LA DC-02 的增长铺平了道路,还为在 EdgeCentres 的新数据中心位置扩展铺平了道路,这反过来意味着我们的客户可以部署更多的服务的地点。文章源自玮哥主机测评网-https://www.weigeceping.com/901.html

我们非常感谢你对 RackNerd 的持续信任,我们的团队随时准备协助你解决这一过渡期的任何问题。如果你有任何与此更改相关的特殊要求或需要特殊的安排,请在 7 天内回复此电子邮件(越早越好)。我们将尽最大努力了解你的需求,并努力满足它们。文章源自玮哥主机测评网-https://www.weigeceping.com/901.html


如果大家有在RackNerd买过洛杉矶的VPS,请留意以上内容。如果没有,就直接忽略。文章源自玮哥主机测评网-https://www.weigeceping.com/901.html 文章源自玮哥主机测评网-https://www.weigeceping.com/901.html


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